Well, wish me luck, blogosphere. It’s come time for me to stop being stuck. I’m polishing up my resume and I’m determined to find something new.

My review at my current job is in a couple days. I’ve heard raises have been abysmal, as usual. The company posts profits of billions of dollars per quarter, but they can’t pass that on to their workers.

The thing that is pushing me this time, though, is the schedule. I’ve been working under a completely incompetent manager who can’t make the schedule accurately. She was hired for the purpose of making the schedule for our department. The department is staffed by about 50 people, and requires staffing 24-7-365. We work nights, weekends, and holidays. It’s healthcare. No one working in healthcare expects anything differently.

But, she sucks at her job. Her superiors admitted she was making too many mistakes. This is something the peons like myself have been pointing out for years. I guess they finally decided to listen.

But, instead of firing this person, and hiring someone who is competent, they are buying software which will make the schedule for her. We can no longer make schedule requests. We are at the mercy of the software.

This isn’t going to work for me. My kids have a ton of appointments. I have regular appointments for Botox (headaches). My choices here are to either hope I get the right shift every time I need it (won’t happen), take a vacation day every time I have an appointment (won’t happen because getting a Monday or a Friday off is impossible), or try to find something better.

I’m going to look around, this time with more vigor. Slurred speech and word finding difficulties be damned. I have to try. It’s time to try.

Wish me luck. I will need it.