I was supposed to get my next round of Botox shots this week. Because of the new schedule at work, I had to push it back. The Botox has always worn off about two weeks before my next dose was due. That would’ve been two weeks ago.

Since I pushed it back, my appointment for the Botox is not until the 26th. 36 shots to the head, neck, back, and shoulders.

As expected, my headaches have come worsened. I’m also sick, and the sinus pressure isn’t helping matters.

This is all so frustrating to me. I have no control over my schedule at work, and I have no control over these damn headaches. But, despite the headaches, I have to keep working.

I’m trying to get as much rest and fluids as I can. The decongestants help somewhat. The Ubrelvy helps when the headaches are unbearable.

I can feel the muscles in my upper back, and neck getting stiffer with each passing day. It’s amazing how much the Botox helps with the muscle tension.

I’m hoping the next round of Botox takes effect quickly. Typically, it takes about two weeks to kick in.

Last night, I had pretty severe vertigo. I’ve never had that symptom before and it made me anxious. As with any new neuro symptoms, my first though is, “is this another aneurysm?”

My MRI is about six weeks away. Hopefully, everything is clear. But, it’s always on my mind.