I had my MRI today to check on my aneurysm and to look for new ones.

Last week, the cerebrovascular center called me and told me the NP I had an appointment with after the MRI was out on leave. She went out on leave in April. But they “just got around” to letting me know about it four days before my damn appointment.

I have a VP shunt that may be inactivated by the magnet in the MRI. It’s imperative the shunt is checked after each MRI. This was drilled into me when the shunt was placed

But, the person from the cerebrovascular center had no idea. I had to tell her at least four times that I needed to be seen to have my shunt assessed. She stuttered and stammered and placed me on hold. She eventually came back on the line and gave me a phone number to call after my MRI. She said they’d help me get my shunt checked.

Can you guess what happened?

If you guessed that I called the number and the people on the other end had absolutely no fucking clue what I was talking about, you’d be right.

I’m on vacation from work this week, and I got to spend the entire day downtown at the world class Cleveland Clinic waiting for someone to get their shit together and tell me if my shunt was programmed correctly.

Luckily, the X-ray tech was not only polite, but he recognized I needed help, and he did not hesitate to juggle his patients and assist me. He told me that usually when he gets an order for someone with a shunt, they provide him with a pager number for someone to come and check the shunt. He said it was odd that he was not provided this number.

He knew the number and he paged the guy. This guy is not someone who was familiar with my case and didn’t feel comfortable clearing me. I understand the liability aspect and I didn’t blame him.

He had to review my case with the surgeon who placed my shunt. I waited awhile, but was eventually cleared to leave.

Now, I have to wait an agonizing two days for a virtual appointment to go over the results of the MRI.

I’ve been having more headaches and vision problems. I’m definitely anxious and concerned about the results.

The issue with the shunt did not help my anxiety.