I have a pretty stressful summer ahead.

It was already stressful with my MRI. Thankfully, that’s over and everything came back ok.

My son has a number of health issues. He’s facing at least one, and most likely two surgeries this summer. He also needs labs that can only be drawn at the Cleveland clinic main campus branch. These labs have to be done two days in a row. Depending on the results of those labs, he might need an MRI, which will require general anesthesia.

My other son is undergoing intensive therapy called interactive metronome to help him manage his ADHD symptoms. He goes three times a week for six weeks.

My oldest son has a number of dental concerns. He has sensory issues with his mouth and just immediately vomits while the dentist tries to work on him. So, he has to go under general anesthesia to have all this dental work done.

The kids have T-ball/baseball games. My oldest has Cub Scouts. I’m trying to get him together with kids from his class for play dates because he has difficulty making friends. He wrote in his journal at school last year that he wanted friends. It broke my heart.

My job is continuing to implode. Everyone is quitting. Those of us that are staying, are looking around for something else. We are all miserable. I’ve applied to several other positions and been immediately rejected. Everyone is trying to move around. The competition is insane.

Our air conditioner isn’t working. Between paying all the bills, the unexpected expense of my dining room needing to be rebuilt, and now this….I’m stressed about finances.

The fatigue has been worse the last two weeks. I have a big presentation at work next week, and I’ve been working late hours on that.

At T-ball this week, the assistant coach asked about the triplets. He did it in a kind way. He didn’t ask, “did you do fertility treatments?” I snap judge anyone who asks me how my kids were conceived. It’s rude and none of anyone’s business. Anyway, he asked who was oldest. And I explained they were triplets. He asked how we do it. And I told the truth. It’s hard. It’s chaos. It’s exhausting. He asked me how I take care of myself and I didn’t have a great answer.

It’s something I need to work on. Self-care is something I don’t have a lot of time for, but I need to make it more of a priority. The mountain of shit that is looming over me right now is just awful. I’m anxious, tired, and worried.

I really hope for better days ahead.