I can feel the Botox wearing off. My neck and shoulders are stiff. I’ve needed the Ubrelvy more in the last week than I’m used to. My appointment is late in the week for the next round of shots.

The prior authorization on my Ubrelvy has expired. This is a double edged sword for me. I hate prior auths (PA) from the patient’s perspective. They approved it once, so obviously I meet criteria per the insurance company‘s policy. What possibly could change in a year that would make me no longer meet criteria? What a dumb practice this is.

From the pharmacist’s perspective, I like PAs. A lot of pharmacists have jobs working PAs. The job market for pharmacists in the US is over saturated. There are too many pharmacy schools churning out too many new grads. Not enough pharmacists are retiring and not enough jobs are being created to keep up with the surplus. The more jobs that stay in pharmacy, the better. Therefore I don’t want to see PAs go away.

There is also a PA on my Botox and that will expire soon, too. It’s always a fight to try to get things covered.

Today, I’m on seven days in a row of working. The neuro fatigue plus the headaches from the Botox wearing off is making this a bad week.

My oldest starts school this week. He has trouble with insomnia and his bus comes at 6:50 AM. I’m anxious about how he’ll handle the extremely early start.

My other kid was just prescribed an epipen. I’m fighting with the insurance company to allow an early refill so he has an epipen at school. I’ve had to call the school a few times to get the necessary paperwork for everything.

I hope things calm down, but I don’t think they will. I’m tired.