My last round of Botox left me with some strange complications. The day after the shots, I developed a stabbing pain in the corner of my left eye. It was on and off for two days and eventually subsided. I was left with a foreign body sensation in that eye for a few days after that. I’ve never had this before.

One shot on the left side of my head is incredibly tender, a week later. I can’t look at to see what’s going on, but I assume it’s bruised.

This time and the previous time, I had a new practitioner give me the shots. Before, it was the MD that runs the headache clinic. He’d come in, stab me all over like a sadist, and be done with the 36 shots in about 45 seconds.

This new practitioner, an NP, is slow and deliberate with each shot. It’s more painful this way. And, based on the last two appointments, causes me side effects.

I used to think the sadist was a little aggressive and maybe slowing down would be less painful. But, that’s not the case.

Next time, I have to see someone completely different, so who knows what sort of fun I’ll be in for at that appointment.

I’m hoping this sore spot goes away quickly. I hope it’s not infected or anything.

I also had more adventures trying to get my Ubrelvy refilled. The NP gave me a coupon. I tried to use it at a retail pharmacy, and my insurance company blocked the damn coupon. Once they realized I had a new script at the retail level, the mail order pharmacy canceled my remaining refills with them. But, now that I can’t use the coupon, I have to go back to mail order. So I had to go back to the NP and ask her to e-scrip a new prescription back to mail order.

All of this hassle! And I know how to navigate the healthcare system and the insurance companies. I can’t imagine what this is like for someone who can’t advocate for themselves.

I’ve said it before, but it shouldn’t be this hard.